Elton High

School Policies » Discipline


A uniform discipline code has been established for all students enrolled at Elton High School. Mitigating circumstances shall be considered prior to disciplinary action.

• Age, maturity, and placement of students
• Prior conduct
• Attitude of student
• Cooperation of parents
• Seriousness of the offense

Possible actions included in this plan
1. Warning – Given by the classroom teacher. (Review the Positive Behavioral Support Plan)
2. Conference – Teacher/Student/Parent
3. Detention – One hour of class time or all day
4. Alternative to Suspension (A.T.S.) – The student will stay after school on a designated day for a total of 90 minutes. Parent or guardian must provide transportation.
5. Saturday A.T.S. – Takes place 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Students will work on a behavioral plan and engage in work according to the instructor.
6. In-School Suspension (I.S.S.) – May be one complete school day or a total of three complete school days. Students will complete classroom work.
7. Out-of School Suspension (O.S.S.) – Anything that adheres to why the student needs to be out of school suspension.
8. Police Notification
9. Expulsion – Jefferson Davis Parish School Board
All infractions and consequences will be reviewed by the Positive Behavioral Support Team. This team will consist of the school principal, assistant principal, counselor, and two classroom teachers.

Infractions and Consequences
Level One
Poor Attitude; Excessive Noise; Forgery; Bus Misconduct; Sleeping In Class; Loitering; Disrespect; Public Display of Affection; Littering;
Chewing Gum; Unprepared for Class; Cheating

The above infraction will be handled as followed:
1. Warning – intervention
2. Conference – contact parent
3. Detention, A.T.S.
4. I.S.S.
5. Suspension for 1-10 days
6. Expulsion

Level Two
Illegal Parking; Cutting Class; Reckless Driving; Fighting; Pushing/Shoving another Student; Gambling; Leaving Field Trips/Games without Permission; Profanity;  Unauthorized/ Unsupervised Area

The above infractions will be handled as followed:
First Offense – Intervention, Contact parent, I.S.S., or Suspension
Second Offense – I.S.S. or Suspension
Third Offense – One to ten days of suspension
Fourth Offense - Expulsion

Illegal parking and/or reckless driving will result in parking privileges being revoked for a minimum of two weeks.

Level Three
Defacing or Destroying Public Property; Pornography; Leaves school without permission; Willful Disobedience; Classroom and/or Campus Disturbance; Cell Phones; Missing Assigned Detention, A.T.S., I.S.S.; Electronic Devices; Instigates or Participates in Fights; Hazing Students

The above infractions will be handled as followed:
First to Third Offenses – One to ten days of suspension
Fourth Offense – Expulsion

Level Four
Guilty of Immoral or Vicious Practices; Carrying of Weapons;
Under the Influence of Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco (includes electronic cigarettes or similar devices); Disrespect of Authority; Threatening another Student; Trespassing; Robbery and/or Burglary; Assault;
Fighting; Causing Serious Injury; Bomb Threats; False Activation of Fire Alarm System; Threatening Faculty; Starts and/or Causes a Fire; Vandalism Possession of Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco; Sexual Harassment; Conduct Habits Injurious to Others; Bullying; Violation of the Internet, Education Network Contract

The above will be handled in accordance with the Jefferson Davis Parish School Board Policy Handbook.
1. One to ten days of suspension
2. Notify Police
3. Expulsion Hearing